Improving the quality of time in cars

Experience unmatched levels of comfort, performance and safety

What started 100 years ago as an analog relationship to the road has now turned digital. ClearMotion is a proactive ride system that transforms the foundation of cars- ride and handling. It does for motion what noise cancelling does for noise, mitigating road inputs within a fraction of a second. The resulting combination of extraordinary comfort, crisp handling and secure stability is unmatched.

ComfortIn work, rest, and play

Self-driving cars are about to transform the way we spend our time on the road, making our ride more like an extension of our home or our workplace. And with ClearMotion, you’ll feel even more at home as you glide serenely and effortlessly from A to B.

  • Rest

    Close your eyes and relax while your surroundings glide by.

  • Work

    Fewer distractions help you make your time on the road more productive.

  • Play

    Watch movies, play games. Just like in your living room back home.

PerformanceThe pleasure of driving

Enter corners faster. Accelerate quicker. Brake later. By dynamically counteracting roll, pitch and heave, ClearMotion improves steering, stability and focus, giving the driver more confidence. Simply put, it brings back the pleasure of driving.

  • Road grip

    With ClearMotion, your car’s body becomes more stable, increasing traction.

  • Takeoff and Braking

    Squat and lift, perfectly matched to braking and acceleration, give the driver precise feedback.

  • Body Roll

    A car with minimum roll makes driving much more pleasurable.

SafetySecurity first

ClearMotion works every millisecond to keep you safe. It helps with emergency braking, evasive manoeuvres, and keeping your car in the right place.

  • Haptic feedback

    Drivers react quicker and more instinctively to natural warning signals than to beeps or blinking dashboard lights. With ClearMotion, your car alerts you using intuitive haptic feedback, for example if you stray out of your lane.

  • Road Fingerprinting

    By mapping the micro-terrain beneath the car and storing it in the cloud, ClearMotion improves your car’s stability and feedback with time. It geotags things that might endanger you and your passengers (oil slicks, potholes, puddles of water) and triggers alerts in advance.

Technology for your relationship to the road

ClearMotion is built on a software centric, electro-hydraulic core called the PowerPack. This device lives at each corner of the car wherein the power electronics, electro-hydraulics, and controls software reside.