The most
advanced ride on Earth

Technology that defies gravity.


Powered by
the Activalve

The beating heart of ClearMotion is the Activalve, a software-centric, electro-hydraulic device that lives on every corner of the car, constantly monitoring, processing and responding to road conditions.


Almost instantaneous

Each Activalve consists of three highly advanced components working together at sub-millisecond timescales. When the Digital Controller detects a potential disturbance it only takes milliseconds for the Activalve’s motor to counteract it by exacting pressure on the damper.


One size fits all

The Activalve is designed to mount on the side of all standard shock absorbers, its components aligning with the twin-tube and tri-tube systems that dominate high volume car platforms. For ClearMotion to enable the smart actuator, only minimal modification to the body and chassis are needed.


Cloud connected

A system of four Activalves creates what we call the Digital Chassis. Connected by a central gateway, it collects road data and stores it in the cloud to be analyzed and instantaneously retrieved.

Enjoy the RideOS

ClearMotion’s advanced operating system has an arsenal of resources. Using a precise, millimeter level HD map of the road surface ahead, advanced control theory algorithms continually adjust suspension parameters to enable the best ride possible. An additional layer of reinforcement learning algorithms continually learns the road’s profile, and your ride improves over time.