High-bandwidth active suspension technology

Designed to deliver a step-change in vehicle dynamics for broad market adoption


Powered by
the Activalve

The core of the ClearMotion1 system is the Activalve, a software-centric electrohydraulic device that resides at each corner of the vehicle, constantly monitoring, processing, and responding to road conditions.


Almost instantaneous

Each Activalve consists of three advanced components working together at millisecond timescales. When the controller detects a disturbance, the Activalve is instructed to counteract by exacting pressure in the actuator body.


One size fits all

The Activalve is designed as part of the actuator body, a key component made by Tier-1 suspension suppliers. The Activalve can be rotated or translated about the actuator axis to achieve fitment on the vehicle platform.


Chassis controls software

Active suspension master controller: real-time software that networks the 4X Activalves in the vehicle to execute active motion control. Data as collected by the integrated accelerometers at each corner is pushed through local vehicle telematics and ported to the cloud (see RoadMotion).

Active vs Proactive

CM1 does not need road surface data in advance while operating as an active suspension -- accelerometers provide real-time information such that CM1 knows when to push and pull. For proactive suspension, see the possibilities enabled by RoadMotion.