SW-enabled, cloud-connected vehicle motion control

Digitizing the impact chain, tire to human

RoadMotion is a stand-alone software service (independent of ClearMotion1 active suspension) that localizes vehicles based on terrain mapping, and streams high-fidelity information about the road ahead. This breakthrough is designed to afford OEMs the ability to proactively control vehicle chassis systems, optimizing occupant safety and comfort

First principles approachR&D guided by understanding of vibration and human physiology

The human body is but a series of springs, masses and dampers. Every part of our body resonates at a natural frequency, some easily perturbed by common frequencies in motor vehicles. When traversing uneven roads, vibrations excite the vehicle and the occupants within. A better understanding of this interplay helps us devise new technologies to further our mission.


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Brake Coordinator Module


Motion Sickness Module


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