Welcome to the start of a life-changing ride

ClearMotion active suspension seat removes up to 90% of road vibration, making it the most comfortable ride on the planet. It's a fleet's best tool to increase driver performance, wellness, and satisfaction.

The ClearMotion Seat

The ClearMotion seat utilizes advanced seat suspension technology to protect drivers from the shaking and jarring they experience every time they get behind the wheel of their rig. Driving a heavy duty truck is a demanding profession. Studies show that almost half of truck drivers suffer from daily fatigue and pain levels serious enough to interfere with their work. By dramatically improving ride quality, the ClearMotion seat eliminates this problem for nearly all drivers. As a result, drivers report they feel safer, recover faster and expect a longer career. Stronger drivers. Stronger performance.

Units are on pre-release sale now. To order or learn more, email sales@clearmotion.com or call 978-652-8111.

US Headquarters

  • 475 Wildwood Ave
  • Woburn, MA 01801
  • USA

Europe Office

  • Mira Technology Park, Watling St
  • Nuneaton CV10 0TU
  • UK